As one of Ghana’s leading independent chartered quantity surveyors, we control and review the costs at all stages of the project – from planning to design and throughout the construction process.

Our approach to cost management is based on the use of modern, sophisticated tools and techniques, combined with excellent training which enables us to provide high levels of client service. Our skills and expertise are enhanced by the ability to draw upon our history as one of Ghana’s leading chartered quantity surveyors. We offer our clients cost management advice in all aspects of construction, fit out, engineering services and information technology installations

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is undertaken at the pre-design stage, usually referred to as the Pre-tender stage to ascertain and determine the viability of an overall project. The outcome of this study gives the client an early indication of what he/she can expect for his/her investment. The assessment of all construction, operation and maintenance costs establishes the extent of the commercial returns, viability and potentiality of a scheme. In addition, we advise on fees, financing arrangements, land acquisition and site servicing, cash flow and revenue forecasts. Most importantly, clients’ requirements are considered in the light of the resources available at their disposal at all stages of the project

Budget Estimates, Cost Planning and Analysis

Budget estimates, Cost planning and Analysis provide a vital guide for clients deciding between various design proposals.

Each element of a proposed scheme is studied and cost estimated to produce preliminary estimates. Such estimates give a clear indication of the cost implications of the various schemes; enabling clients to make an informed judgement on which proposal would best suit their requirements and overall budget. The Preliminary Estimate also forms the basis as a cost plan against which the development of the project can be monitored.

The main objective of cost planning is to ensure that there is no major unforeseen discrepancy between the preliminary estimates, an acceptable tender and the final cost of the project. The estimates showing the cost of each constituent part enable the cost of alternative proposals by the Architect or Engineer to be compared, and provide a safeguard against excessive expenditure on any one part to the detriment of the whole.

The development of a preliminary scheme is closely monitored throughout all the stages of design until the final design and specifications have been prepared. When these are complete we re-evaluate the total construction cost and prepare a final estimate before tenders are received.

Contract Documentation and Tendering Procedures

The knowledge and experience of dealing with building contracts throughout the world enables us to provide the necessary expert advice for the preparation of contract documents. We ensure that the rights and obligations of all parties and the duties of professional advisers are clearly defined.

We prepare Bills of Quantities (BOQ) which describe and quantify every item to be constructed. These bills form an integral part of the documentation upon which many construction contracts are awarded. The BOQs together with the associated tender documents, define all the responsibilities and obligations of the contractor and sub-contractor and the quality and quantity of work to be executed. The Bills of Quantities also ensure that all contractors tender on the same basis and form the vital cost control document on which financial administration is based: a service that ensures clients’ contractual and financial interests are fully protected.

There are situations where time factors and constraints do not permit Bills of Quantities to be prepared for tendering. Our experience in the methods of tendering enables us to recommend the most suitable alternative for that circumstance, such as two tiers, cost plus, target cost and contractor participation.

During competitive bidding, we prepare tender documents which form a common basis for tendering when priced, and serves as a cost monitoring document for contract administration.

We examine competitive tenders in detail and our recommendation for acceptance always takes into account the client’s best interests.

In negotiated tenders, when a client has selected or wishes to participate with a particular contractor, we will negotiate on behalf of and in the interests of the client, whether it involves bills of quantities or any of the other recognised methods.

Valuations, Cost Administration and Final Accounts

The valuation of work in progress and cost administration are two of the essential functions undertaken.

The valuation of work in progress involves costing the work executed, including any variations, materials on site, and in certain circumstances those in transit or in the course of being manufactured. Such valuations are passed to the Architect or Engineer with recommendation for payment to the contractor.

Cost administration involves preparing regular financial appraisals which are submitted to the client, Architect or Engineer, to ensure that they are kept fully informed of the progress and the projected final cost of the project at any stage during the construction. This close monitoring enables the cost of any variations including unforeseen occurrences or a client’s revised requirements to be assessed as they occur. Variations to the contract are incorporated into regularly up-dated financial reports, and compared with a separately prepared construction cash flow to monitor actual progress.

We prepare final accounts and agree these with the contractor including negotiation on the final aspects of disputes, variations, sub-contractors’ and suppliers’ accounts and any other items allowable under the terms of the contract. We also advise on any ex-contractual claims.

Ancillary Services

A further facility for clients is offered in the advice on the cost of Engineering Services; namely Mechanical and Electrical installation of buildings and infrastructures. We provide budget estimates and cost planning for Engineering services as well as preparing Bills of Quantities appropriate for Engineering Services.

We provide a full technical analysis of contractor’s installation proposals and prepare valuations of work in progress, together with financial statements and final accounts.

In addition, our services include valuations for insurance and cash flow projections with regular up dating.