What We Believe In
It is often stated that the development of skills and knowledge in construction and civil engineering are essential in developing the infrastructure of a country. Additionally, a well planned and constructed infrastructure is essential in a developing economy. However, the development of such an infrastructure can only be achieved by educating students to the highest level and by building technical capacity internally to ensure sustainability. Ghana as a developing country and with the current oil finds, all in the surveying profession will need to enhance their knowledge at some point to enable them make valuable decisions to change practices and build a better economy.

A-Kon Consults Ltd has realised that Quantity Surveying has evolved technologically and in our effort to close the gap between technology and traditional Quantity Surveying, has focused our attention on the education sector as our core Corporate Social Responsibility.

In light of the above, A-Kon Consults Ltd has rolled out a number of programmes and schemes which seek to advance the continuous professional development of students of the built environment and Quantity Surveyors in general. These programmes and schemes are socially and economically beneficial to the society in which we operate.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs
 A-Kon Consults Ltd Scholarship Scheme

Our scholarship scheme seeks to support brilliant but needy students in tertiary institutions in the form of financial assistance to enable them complete their various studies successfully.

A-Kon Consults Ltd Training and Educational Programme
We have put in place a comprehensive Educational and Training programmes in the form of occasional lectures to students in tertiary institution who are studying Quantity Surveying, with the view to expose them to the intricacies of the Quantity Surveying Practice. A major beneficiary of such educational lectures by A-Kon Consults Ltd is the Department of Building Technology of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-Kumasi.

Additionally, A-Kon Consults Ltd provides vacation training for students in tertiary institutions studying Quantity Surveying and offer on the job training in the form of attachment to fresh graduates in order to equip them for the job market.

A-Kon Consults Ltd Charity Programme
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we have over the years donated computers and accessories to help set up ICT laboratories to facilitate ICT training in tertiary institutions. A beneficiary of our charity programme is the Department of Building Technology of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-Kumasi.

Alice Dede Bright and Needy Memorial Foundation

The Alice Dede Bright and Needy Memorial Foundation is a non-profit charitable Foundation (in Ghana) which was set up to support Bright and Needy girls in Senior High School to achieve their full potential. A-Kon Consults Limited supports the Foundation with funds for running its activities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

International Relations
A-Kon Consults Ltd and Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom in collaboration with Accra Polytechnic and Ho Polytechnic have come together in a project that is ultimately to enhance the capacity of the Ghanaian Construction Industry via knowledge transfer between the English and Ghanaian Construction Industries.

The project aims to allow Ghanaian students to study to a higher level in construction subjects than is currently possible in Ghana. This project enables the  Ghanaian construction student acquire the skills and knowledge required to build a sustainable infrastructure to ensure that governmental plans for economic development can be achieved.

Our involvement in this project is pinned on the belief that greater interaction between Higher Educational Institution and Industry can foster the kind of economic development relevant to today’s economies. It is therefore essential that any curriculum developments undertaken, are done in conjunction with advice from industry partners, either companies or professional bodies.